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      Do you want free stuff? 

      What do Brand Ambassadors do?

      • Ambassadors promote all things Preppy and invite all their friends & family to shop with us!
      • We encourage pictures, videos, livestreams, blog posts, we want to see it all! We ask you to get creative and show the world how much you LOVE Preppy Pop!

      How does it work?

      1. Upon approval, you receive a unique coupon code that you will use to promote Preppy Pop.
      2. Every time the coupon code gets used by friends and family at PreppyPop.com, you will earn a 5% commission on the products they purchase!
      3. Commissions are given in store credit and issued at the end of every month.

      If you are interested in becoming one of our brand ambassadors, please email us at info@preppypop.com and tell us why you want to be a Preppy Ambassador.